The Global Composition – Sound, Media and the Environment (Darmstadt)

Next 24-28 July will be held at the Media Campus of Hochschule Darmstadt (Germany) the conference and Workshops, The Global Composition. Sound, Media and the Environment.

I will be presenting the results of my ongoing independent research on Public Sound Art. The value of the public in sound art as a metaphor of an expanded spatiality: Creating and curating public sound art.


The experience of public spaces in large cities often returns aggressive environments in which the citizen is deprived of the temporal space of the imagination. Different events in the city propitiate an environment of unidirectional stimuli. This situation is experimented as symbolic violence, and dismisses the creative perception of the citizens in favor of a perception completely guided by the network of misrecognised power relations.

It is largely accepted that public creative manifestations must be included in the intervened physical and social system. However, how should sonic creation contribute to palliate the symbolic violence in the public spaces? Might it be returned to the citizen, through projects of public sound art, the possibility of an active recognition of the space? And even more, Might sound art creations propitiate a suggestive environment and operate as a metaphor of an expanded spatiality in the city?

In the presentation, different examples of sound installations and sound actions in the public space will be analyzed. Attention will be paid to the responses they allow to the citizens, as also to the works’ repercussion in the social spaces of the city. The aim of the paper is oriented to elucidate different forms of sound art interventions in the public space. The recognition of the social public sphere, the triggering of an expanded experience of the city places and the double immersion of the citizen-user will be pointed out as directions to be considered.

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Entre el 24 y 28 de julio tendrá lugar en el Media Campus del Hochschule de Darmstad (Alemania) el simposio The Global Composition. Sound, Media and the Environment. Allí presentaré el estado actual del trabajo que desarrollo como investigadora independiente acerca del arte público sonoro y las aproximaciones al mismo desde el comisariado. La comunicación llevará por título «El valor de lo público en el arte sonoro como metáfora de una espacialidad expandida. Creando y comisariando arte público sonoro»

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