A new kind of audience. The citizen of the work

Keep an ear on…
5th international FKL symposium on soundscape
Florence (Italy)

More info: http://www.paesaggiosonoro.it/keepanearon/

Moving away from the traditional concept of audience, in my presentation next Saturday 21st May it will be introduced the expression «citizen of the work». The citizen is not a specialist viewer, nor a trained audience that approaches the artwork, but someone walking through the city that discovers the elements of the artwork and, in doing so, activates his aesthetic perception of the space. In some sense they turn into dwellers of the work. This factor provokes a new relationship of the citizenship with the urban environment and its complexity. This relationship, which is produced through the sounds in the area of our concerns, represents a radical change in the articulation of the artwork in the public space and also in the discourses that it generates in connection with the urban environment and in this case with the acoustic ecology.

Venue // Symposium and Concerts
Tempo Villa Strozzi – Via Pisana 77 50143 Firenze
May . 20-22 .2011

Venue // Installations and videos
EX3 – Viale Giannotti 81/83/85 50126 Firenze-Italia
SUC – Le Murate – Piazza della Madonna della Neve 50122 Firenze, Italia

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