Listening for the city (April 2-3, Dublin)

Next April 3rd I will be in Dublin participating in Beyond Noise and Silence: Listening for the Citya public symposium exploring the intersection of sound art, public space, and urban design. This symposium complements the project MAP: Manual for Acoustic Planning and Urban Sound Design, a public art commission by Sven Anderson for Dublin City Council. More info in

This symposium proposes a series of conversations that form a bridge between individual sound art practices that verge on the urban scale and a series of questions that address the possibility and relevance of a discipline which might lie somewhere between public sound art, urban sound design, and urban acoustic planning. Although these conversations are initiated from within a contemporary art context, these events also address this field from the perspective of the city, entering through the portal of existing noise mitigation strategies and reassessing how we might imagine listening for the city to discover new opportunities for design and intervention.

Session 1: Medium
Exploring Sound Installation in Urban Space
Christina Kubisch (Artist)
Sven Anderson (Artist) and Christina Kubisch (Artist)

Session 2: Practice
Various Perspectives Working with Sound (Art) and the City
Sven Anderson (Artist)
María Andueza Olmedo (Artist and Curator)
Dennis McNulty (Artist)
Aisling Prior (Curator and Public Art Advisor to the Arts Council)

More information of upcoming events of the project:


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