Curator Lab Programme – Konstfack University (Sweden)

I have been accepted in the programme CuratorLab of the Konstfack University of Stockholm in Sweden.

CuratorLab is an international self-directed curatorial course dedicated to the advancement of curatorial practices based on research in the arts, crafts and design. It is designed to offer time to conduct research and to explore new directions and ideas in order to develop artistic or theoretical work while linking academic study to cultural projects.

The project I will be working in is titled: Expanded Spatiality. Augmenting Urban Contexts through Sound

It is largely accepted that public creative manifestations must be included in the intervened physical and social system. However, how should sonic creation contribute to palliate the symbolic violence in the public spaces? Might it be returned to the citizen, through projects of public sound art, the possibility of an active recognition of the space? And even more, Might sound art creations propitiate a suggestive environment and operate as a metaphor of an expanded spatiality in the city?

Although the following project may fall within the scope of Sound Art -specifically that developed on the cities´ public spaces-  it mainly strives to be identified beyond the label of “sound art” and considered as a contribution to the creative and curatorial practices in the public sphere.

This research project focuses on generating the construction of immaterial spaces through the integration of sound interventions in urban areas. This idea brings up the notion of “augmented reality”, in this case interpreted and analyzed from the immateriality of sound. The project seeks to advance in the contextual curatorial practices and contemporary sound creation.

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