Art, Sound and City – SoundActs (Aarhus – DK)

Next 23-25 September will be held at the Institute of Aesthetic Studies of the University of Aarhus the conference and Workshop, SoundActs: Sound as Art – Sound in Culture. Sound in Theory – Sound in History. The conference is organized by the National Research Network on Auditive Culture, The research project Audiovisual Culture, the research group Nordic Sound Institute,  and the Nordic Branch of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music in cooperation with Aarhus University.

I will be presenting the results of my recently finished Ph.D dissertation: «Art, Sound and City: A context for Urban Sound Installation».


Urban Sound Installations are usually built just with sound blending into the urban space and its soundscape. These artistic interventions are conformed by the very conditions of the context and incorporate a sound organization according to the social space of the city. For these reasons Sound Installations join the urban dynamics and therefore they have a reading from the point of view of Art as well as from the rest of the discourses that the city generates: urban planning, sociology, architecture, etc. To analyze in depth these artworks, it is necessary addressing the spatiotemporal coincidence of all of them around the concept of «City». For this purpose, we will turn our attention to other artistic manifestations and thinkers that developed some concepts as ‘Social Space’ (Henri Lefebvre), ‘Imageability’ (Kevin Lynch), or ‘Cruelty’ (Antonin Artaud), that are incorporated in urban sound installations and whose reasoning collaborate in their contextualization in Contemporary Art.

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