Guest lecture in «Sound in Space» Workshop

Next Wednesday March 17, at the National Academy of the Arts (Bergen, Norway), under the title «Art, sound and city: a context for Urban site-specific Sound Installation» I will give a lecture on my PhD research. I will provide with some examples and talk about some theoretical concerns in relationship with the topics that will be worked in the workshop «Sound in Space», organised by KhiB and BEK from 10 till 19 March and conducted by Trond Lossius and Nils Peters.

Through the artworks of contemporary artists working with sound in the city, we will address the issue of Space and the City to analyse the emergence of other spatial dimensions in the urban context, as the social, anthropological and political ones are. In order to put in context these concerns into the discourses of Contemporary Art, we will turn our attention to some previous examples and theories of the 50’s and 60’s that will give us the clues to interpret Urban Sound Installation at the present moment.

Venue: BEK – Bergen Senter For Elektronisk Kunst | C. Sundts gate 55 | Bergen, Norway
When: March 17, 13.00 p.m.

The SOUND AND SPACE workshop, tailored to sound and media artists, sound designers, musicians and composers, will investigate the expressive potential offered by spatialisation (virtual positioning of sound in space) and will allow participants to gain practical and artistic experience with state of the art solutions for work on spatial sound in artistic contexts. The workshop will start with a practical introduction to work on spatialisation, with a particular emphasis on the use of ViMiC (Virtual Microphone Control), as well as tools for spatialisation developed within the framework of Jamoma. After an initial introduction to use of the software, the rest of the workshop will be spent on investigations into artistic possibilities offered by the software for sound art, media installations, music and sonic scenography. The project ends with a public «work in progress» exhibition presentation of the works done by participants.

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