Immersive soundscapes


The Art of Inmersive Soundscapes 2
Summer 2007, University of Regina, Canadá (June 9-19, 2007)

Inmersive Soundscapes or the inmersion of the subject in the landscape: Site specific sound installations beyond sound and listening

Works of Art conceived for a specific place, by different ways, lead us to the audience’s presence, or in a wider sense, to the presence of the individual in the space of the work. For this reason, we are going to tackle the analysis of this kind of artistic interventions from the historical approach of their reception by the individuals and we are going also to complete this topic from a multidisciplinary perspective based on those arts that favored its emergence as such.

When site-specific artworks included sound as a material, they furthermore included contents of other kinds, not only in their reception but also in their interpretation. Temporality, simultaneity and also dynamism were some of the new parameters that they incorporated or reinforced.

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