Immigrant Sounds was a participatory exploration of the urban space proposed by María Andueza and Abelardo Gil-Fournier throughout concepts such as presence, permanence, displacement or settlement. During the performance the participants freely moved in a particular area of the city of Stockholm while carrying a small electronic device that broadcasted a cicada-like sound, characteristic of the sonic environment of southern countries. A set of ideas and questions were provided to each participant in order to stimulate his/her specific exploration of the urban social environment.

Immigrant Sounds was part of Re(s)on-Art, an International Artistic Research Event with actions in Public Space held in Stockholm between September 9-12, 2014 at ArkDes, Skeppsholmen and throughout Stockholm. Re(s)on-Art was organized by Monica Sand and Ricardo Atienza, artists and researchers in ArkDes, the museum of Architecture and Design of Stockholm.

Re(son)-Art – the art of resonating with/in/through the city – intends to explore everyday situations in public space and encourage daily urban awareness by collective actions. A number of interventions will be arranged in Stockholm by the conference participants, based on their research and artistic practice. Everyone is most welcome to participate actively in all events of Re(s)on-Art!

Following you can find the list of artists participating and the title of the proposed actions:

Maria Andueza / Abelardo Gil-Fournier (Spain): Immigrant Sounds
José Luis Carles / Cristina Palmese (Spain, Italy): Exploring the walk
Ulrika Jansson (Sweden): Natural Citizenship
Guillermo Lares (Venezuela, Germany): Ensayos con fuentes sonoras
My Lindh / Monica Sand (Sweden): Rösträtt/Suffrage
Pavel Matveyev (Sweden / Russia): I wanted you to feel the same #1
Pablo Padilla (UK): Verklärte Stadt
Cecilia Parsberg (Sweden): Kropp på gata
Chris Porcarelli (USA, Sweden): Soniferous Mingle
Jenny Simmar / Olivia Berkowicz / Joe Campbell (Sweden): Vigil III
Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec (Norway): Rhythms of Presence – Heare Drum
Tianji Zhao / Max Gerthel (Sweden): Hold your breath

All the events of Re(s)on-Art are public and free of charge. More information and the updated schedule at:

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